Vol 1 & 2

by Bonnie S. Cohen MSW


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About the Book

Downloads from the Universe Vol 1 & 2 is 63 full-color, handmade pages that began March 2020 as a quarantine project. Using photos saved on her phone, Bonnie printed out page after page of scrapbook fodder, then used her good fabric scissors and a borrowed glue stick to piece together life, travels, poetry, and generally every teaching she’d ever received. It turned out to be something of an oracle book.

The front cover art was created by Constance Ferguson. Bonnie did a “live typewriter reading” for Constance in Ocean Beach the winter she lived in a fancy SUV by the sea and typed poems on her tailgate for tips. The one Bonnie wrote for Constance is transcribed at the bottom, including Bonnie’s typo! Constance’s artwork is filled with symbolism and personal messages, as is the entirety of Bonnie’s “Downloads” book.

UPC: 9781737925408

Book Reviews

“As soon as I opened the book, I got excited. All the color delighted my eyes! Each page is lovingly cultivated with art, heart, wisdom, and spirit, like a wise guide had a love affair with a bohemian on each spread. I was sorting something out in my life, and I randomly picked a page of the book, to see what wisdom it might have for me, and it was perfect. This would make an amazing coffee table book and a gift for a loved one. I very highly recommend this book.”

- Nova Om

“I highly recommend this cosmic ray of realness and visual eccentricity to grace your home and consciousness. Bonnie's travels and encounters with humanity have led to this stunning display of downloads from the universe, which express not only the experience of being alive in this reality, but the inherent knowledge that we are the universe experiencing itself. This book is whimsical, delightful, and as raw and real as it gets. Journey through thoughtful inner dialogue, wander amidst remnants of memories, and lose yourself in the ultimate scrapbook of a sacred pilgrimage fueled by love, curiosity, and wonder.”

- Tallulah Kidd

About Bonnie

Bonnie has a B.A. in Philosophy and a Master’s degree in Social Work. She is available for interviews, book readings, custom downloads from the Universe, live typewriter readings, relationship tune-up sessions, dream building sessions, complex answers to simple questions, and generally being a doula for the new paradigm (the one where we focus on making life more wonderful for everyone).

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